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If you are not using GarageSaleIt to sell your gently used and pre-loved items, you risk missing out on the 74% of conusmers aged 18-29 who value purchasing from sustainable brands and today, actually prefer recommerce markets just like GarageSaleIt.
Today’s modern consumer increasingly wants to mix and match new fashion with high-end and second-hand clothing to create their own brand of style that speaks to their individual personality.
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Charity shops are increasingly using online and digital technology to ensure their retail operations are reaching a wider audience.  The benefits for charity shops of embracing GarageSaleIt can be huge.
GarageSaleIt is a platform that can be used to raise much needed funds for your school community.  No listing fees, no selling fees and no commissions on items sold.  All of the profits raised go directly to the school.
We provide some essential tips to make your garage sale a success!
Here is a list of the most frequently bought items at Garage Sales to get you thinking about your items and get you started on your way!