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This amazing online garage sale platform helps you turn unwanted items into cash
Don’t throw it, GarageSaleIt
We make it easy to list all your pre-loved goods for sale to your local community and beyond.

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Why Sell With GarageSaleIt

  Keep all Your Profits! 

Say goodbye to commission fees with GarageSaleIt! After all, you're the one selling, so you should pocket every penny. Maximize your earnings with us - because you deserve it!

  Become a Sustainability Star 

Every sale you make on GarageSaleIt is a victory for our environment. Use our automatic Impact Calculator to witness the carbon emissions you're helping to reduce, and the second life you're giving your items.

  Your Own Digital Shopfront! 

Say hello to your personal micro-store! List items with ease and rest assured your treasures won't get buried under ads or lost in social feeds.

  Safe and Easy Transactions 

We've got you covered with our secure integrated payment system. Enjoy a simplified selling experience that guarantees safe transactions, benefiting both you and the buyer.

  Connect with Local Buyers 

Ditch the shipping hassle! GarageSaleIt focuses on local selling, connecting you with buyers in your area for easy pickups and minimal delivery costs.  Of course, shipping is always an option too.

  Tap into the Right Crowd 

GarageSaleIt draws in those who love garage sales and second-hand finds. By reaching a target audience already seeking items like yours, you're bound to enjoy faster sales and high conversion rates.

All Garage Sales Include:
Unlimited changes
Live performance tracking
Your own performance
and communication dashboard

From Small Steps to Big Wins ... How to make it happen

Video image
Step 1: Treasure Hunt
Venture around your home and gather those gently-loved items that you no longer need.garagesaleit_online_garagesales
One person's clutter is another person's treasure!
Step 2: Get Set Up

It's time to join the GarageSaleIt family! garagesaleit_community

Choose your access period and create your account. Easy as pie!

Step 3: Show and Tell

Now, let's make your listings stand out! garagesaleit_easy_yard_sales

Take advantage of our product and room categories.

Add vivid photos, set your price, and give your items the descriptions they deserve. Let potential buyers know why your items are special!

Step 4: Go Live and Share

Time to send your garage sale live! garagesaleit_go_live  

Share your personalized micro-store link far and wide.

With GarageSaleIt, you'll reach buyers who are actively seeking pre-loved goodies in your local area.

Happy Selling!

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