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About GarageSaleIt

GarageSaleIt is your one stop market place to sell and find all your pre-loved and gently used goods and treasures.  

It is your community platform purpose built to hold your normal garage sales on-line!  

Tired of having things lying around your house and want to clear them ... you're in the right spot.  Want to find that special bargain or once off piece ... you're also in the right spot!

GarageSaleIt takes the stress away from holding your face to face garage sale and gives you the opportunity to buy and sell locally or across the world.  GarageSaleIt is organised by rooms and areas of the house - just like you would organise your tables at your face to face garage sale - so buyers can simply browse and buy from those areas of interest.

And while other marketplaces are increasingly charging higher and higher fees - so the seller ends up with less in your pocket - we at GarageSaleIt do everything we can to give you the most money back in your pocket as possible with simple, straightforward and low cost options!

Welcome to GarageSaleIt where you are sure to find the treasures you are looking for!